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SEO Contract Template

Ready Made SEO Contract Template. Just 1 of 80 Documents Inlcuded In My SEO Business Startup Kit. Instant Download.

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Document description : SEO Contract. This document covers a range of various topics such as services provided, authorization, service level agreements, delivery dates and milestones, technical considerations and limitations, payment terms and conditions, project termination, expenses, copywrites and trademarks, liability, indemnification, nondisclosures and project cancellations.

Purpose : To ensure both the client and the consultant understand they are entering into a binding contact of which they both have obligations and responsibilities. Particularly useful especially when disputes or legal matters arise.This document is an absolute must have.

No of pages : 8 + (depending upon data entered)
File size : 131K | Format : MS Word .doc

How to Use It : This is a self guiding template. Just fill in the blanks with your business, project and client information.

How to Get It : This template is included as part of my SEO Business Startup Kit which contains over 80 contract and document templates.

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