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Pricing Advice for Freelance SEO Consultants

Top 10 Tips When a Client Requests a Refund or Threatens Non Payment
By Gary Ruplinger
Monday, May 28, 2012
Category : Pricing | 0 COMMENTS | 4637 VIEWS
In this article I provide 10 useful insights as how best to handle non payment and refund disputes when working as a freelance seo consultant. Before you get burnt, read this. ... read more
Some Clients Will Take Anything for Free. How Much Are You Willing to Give?
By Gary Ruplinger
Friday, April 27, 2012
Category : Pricing | 0 COMMENTS | 4155 VIEWS
In this article I talk about how much you should be offering in terms of free discounts, and services that may be hurting your seo business. ... read more
Commission Based SEO - Why it’s A Terrible Idea to Agree Being Paid Per Conversion
By Gary Ruplinger
Saturday, March 17, 2012
Category : Pricing | 0 COMMENTS | 5492 VIEWS
One of the most uncommon SEO pricing structures within the industry is what’s known as “commission based SEO”, whereby you as a consultant get paid commissions rather than an hourly rate or a fixed amount. ... read more
How To Charge For SEO – Pricing Your Campaigns Accurately and Quote With Absolute Confidence
By Gary Ruplinger
Monday, February 27, 2012
Category : Pricing | 2 COMMENTS | 8040 VIEWS
Without entering into the debate of whether or not you should be charging hourly, per performance, or otherwise, Im going to share with you, the way I handle pricing personally within my own business, and how I go about calculating how much I should be charging for each project. ... read more
SEO Business Payment Strategy – A Few Quick Tips Including How To Get Paid In Advance
By Gary Ruplinger
Sunday, July 10, 2011
Category : Pricing | 0 COMMENTS | 5534 VIEWS
I spoke with a freelancer the other day on the phone and he was quite distressed. He was telling me how he’d done work for a long term client, that had suddenly gone cold on him. Not answering phone calls, emails and in general, being quite evasive. Apparently he had performed some onsite optimization work for this particular person without using a contract or invoice. ... read more
SEO Rates - Per Hour or Per Month; Which Is Better?
By Gary Ruplinger
Wednesday, June 1, 2011
Category : Pricing | 2 COMMENTS | 5208 VIEWS
Many SEO practitioners have an ongoing debate in their minds which goes something like this: Which is better…to charge per hour or per month? The reason the question is not a simple one to answer is that there are merits to both methods. ... read more
SEO Pricing Guide - Various Fee Structures for Search Engine Optimization
By Gary Ruplinger
Monday, May 30, 2011
Category : Pricing | 1 COMMENTS | 10666 VIEWS
There are several different pricing models for SEO. Trying to determine the best or most suitable pricing structure for your business can be challenging, however, there are some basic frameworks to which you can follow. ... read more
SEO Pricing – Should I Charge My Clients An Hourly Rate for SEO Services?
By Gary Ruplinger
Sunday, May 22, 2011
Category : Pricing | 0 COMMENTS | 4929 VIEWS
I myself personally believe in setting monthly retainers as part of my pricing and fee structure as I feel it works best, however, as a lot of SEO consultants still prefer the traditional way of charging hourly, I thought Id touch on this method a little more. ... read more