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One of the Biggest Mistakes Most Consultants Make When Starting Their SEO Business
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One of the Biggest Mistakes Most Consultants Make When Starting Their SEO Business

Freelance SEO Consultant, Web Designer and Internet Marketer.

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Okay so you've just started your own seo business and you're keen to land some clients and start making money. Should be easy enough, right? I mean, you've just organised your first meeting with a brand new client tomorrow! What could possibly go wrong?

Answer - a lot!

Unless of course you learn not to fall into the habit of saying "yes" all the time. 

Agreeing to everything, might cost you later on.

I mention this in my seo business startup guide. It’s a common mistake, and one that can put you in an akward situation if you’re not careful. Because I see this issue so often, I thought Id touch on it in this article.

So what’s the big deal about saying yes?

A lot!

Telling your prospect what they want to hear, instead of what they should hear, is a terrible way to secure clients and will only lead to you getting yourself into a serious pickle if you're not careful.

Don't want to assist with technical support but you agreed to it during the meeting?
Don't want to provide staff training once the site goes live but you agreed to it during the meeting? 
Don't want to throw in an extra 20 keywords for free but you agreed to it during the meeting?

It won't be until you're heading back to the office where you'll ask yourself...."Why did I agree to that?"

Guess what, it's too late now.

You'll be kicking yourself.

Saying yes a lot during your first meeting with a new client might seem like a good idea at the time. It might mean securing a big project, it might mean landing more clients through referrals and it might even mean making more money – but essentially it could also lead to a lot more regrets and embarrassments later on. Let me explain why.

Let’s say for examples sake you’ve met with a potential client either at your own office, or a local café and they are providing you with documentation and a bit of an insight into their business and what they’d like to achieve by undertaking your services. Now, speaking from experience I can tell you that there’s usually two types of clients; that is, those that arrive in suits and tie, bringing huge bundles of files and folders absolutely jam packed with every conceivable bit of information ever needed, and then there’s those that just rock up empty handed in a pair of jeans and a polo shirt without even a pen to take notes.

Either way, one thing is for certain, at some point you’re going to be expected to answer a lot of questions, concerns and possibly objections on the spot. This is where you need to always remain in control. This is vital to your success.

Always stay in control during your client meetings.

When it comes to freelancing as an SEO consultant, clients like to ask 3 questions; and I can tell you from experience that these 3 questions are always….

• Can you guarantee me first page in Google?
• How much will this cost?
• How long will this take?

These are most definitely moments during the meeting where you need to stop and think before you smile, nod your head and either give misinformation, (even if it is unintentional) or agree to something that you know is likely to be well beyond the scope of the project or your own capabilities.

Now of course I’m not suggesting that you resist answering any questions put forward, or stuttering your way through the meeting, but moreso, take your time with the responses you give and think before you speak. Avoid feeling pressured into having to give estimates on timeframes, costs or anything else that may require further analysis of the project in detail.

Politely tell the client that before making any assumptions or giving inaccurate estimates, that it would be best to at least be given adequate time to go over the project details, along with the information they have provided, and in return, provide them with an indepth seo proposal which will address any, and if not all the concerns they may have.

Ideally, it's always best to hold a secondary meeting, and go over the proposal and project details, and then, once you have a better understanding of the project itself, answer any questions your client has with confidence in knowing exactly what’s involved.
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Gary Ruplinger
Freelance SEO Consultant, Web Designer and Internet Marketer.

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